One small box. Lots of big features.

Learn about all the great features NovaCount can bring to your business.

It just works.

No on-site computer required with NovaCount. You don't have to worry about staff powering off the computer or Windows updates.

Once plugged in NovaCount will handle the counting automatically.


You don't need to have great technical experience.

Because everything on the store level is automatic using NovaCount can be as simple as checking your emails for foot-traffic updates.


Free updates and support.

As long as you are a NovaCount customer we can provide remote support and updates to your device and online account for free.

credit-card Multiple Locations

NovaCount will combine the data for you so you can compare and build reports across all your stores from a single account.

dev Multiple Sensors

NovaCount makes it easy to monitor different doorways in your store by linking the sensors together.

globe Automatic Everything

No on-site staff or computers required! NovaCount will handle everything automatically.

support Scheduled Reports

Use NovaCount to build scheduled reports. Recieve emailed reports daily, weekly or monthly without ever needing to log back in.

mail Secure Storage

All your data is uploaded to the cloud, stored securely and backed up so you'll never need to worry about losing it.

locked Sound Output

Sick of missing people when they enter your store? NovaCount can pair with bluetooth speakers so you'll never miss a customer again!

...and a beautiful web interface


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